Information Overload: When Less Information Is More

Sometimes there’s information I just don’t want to know. Like when I had streak of 111 consecutive days of meditating. Then I had 0 consecutive days. I knew about the streak because the Calm app kept track for me. The tracker made meditation a game. It motivated me to keep the streak going. Then I ‘forgot’ to meditate while visiting my older sister in Virginia, but in reality I was just lazy for a day. My head has been in a fog since then. Everything feels harder. I fidget more. It’s harder to get and stay asleep. Writing is a complete chore, more so than usual.

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Don’s Kindle: June 2010-February 2017

Don’s Kindle passed away on February 11, 2017 after accidentally falling from a countertop. He was a trusted friend and advisor, best known for telling stories on personal development, decision making, business, economics, managing finances, and of course A Song of Ice and Fire. He was a reliable friend always at Don’s side be it trains, planes, or automobiles. He was known for his helpful nature allowing Don to read with one hand. He is survived by his father, Don, his siblings iPad and iPhone Kindle apps, and his child Kindle Paperwhite. Private services will be held later this month.

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Why Do I Eat So Fast? Debunking the Eating Gloves Myth

I have a reputation for eating fast. My friend Dustin concocted a story that when I was child I had to wear gloves when I ate so I would not accidentally bite one of my fingers. Dustin brings this up at the most embarrassing times. Unfortunately for me this ridiculous cock and bull story seems plausible. Dustin has convinced dozens of people that it might be true, even my younger sister. (WTF Ann?! Have a little faith in me.)

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Goals for 2017

2016 didn’t go as planned for me. I make a list of goals every January to keep focused and grounded throughout the year. The 2016 goals got thrown out the window before the end of January. It wasn’t because I lacked the resolve to carry through; it was because many of the goals just weren’t applicable after I lost my job. My designated theme to simplify in 2016 didn’t seem to matter anymore. My focus shifted from simplifying to surviving.

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Thou Shalt Not Tell a Lie: Christmas Secrets

1985 was an uneventful year for me…until December. I was too young to appreciate the Bears shuffling their way to into the Superbowl. All I needed was a bunch of kickass birthday presents like Star Wars action figures and a little spending money to buy candy at White Hen Pantry (when I didn’t have my massive bounty from Halloween).

I was 8 years old and still losing my baby teeth at the time. I could always count on the ever-reliable Tooth Fairy to leave me a $1 under my pillow when I lost a tooth.

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