Update on My Fledgling Green Thumb

Warning in advance:  This is a lame blog post, but want to give on my up on my Chia Obama experiment that I wrote about last week.  It’s really nerdy, but I’m excited to write about this because I started to see positive results a few moments ago.

Ok, so here is how my week went:

Day 0, Saturday January 2 – Prep Chia Obama

Step 1: Soak Obama in water and simultaneously mix 2 teaspoons of seeds with 1/4 cup of water for 1 hour






Step 2: Apply soaked seeds on Obama






I decided to put Chia Obama on the desk in a guest bedroom thinking it would get the best sun there.  This was a big concern because my apartment doesn’t get much sun in general AND I live in Portland which is notorious for cloudy winters where you could go weeks without seeing the sun.

Day 1, Sunday January 3 – Water Chia Obama






I saw no real progress, but I expected that.

Day 2, Monday January 4 – Rewater Chia Obama






Pretty much the same as the day before.

Day 3, Tuesday January 5 – Rewater






Again, no visible change.  Hmm…am I doing something wrong?

Day 4, Wednesday January 6 – Re-water, adjust lighting






Still no change.  I was starting to get a little nervous about the lack of visible progress.  So I decided to draw the shades up to help Chia Obama get more sun.

Day 5, Thursday January 7 – Re-water, apply more seeds






Still no progress.  This was getting a little annoying, so I decided to apply new seeds.

Days 6 and 7, Fiday & Saturday, January 8-9 – Rewater

I forgot to take photos.  The weekend kind of disrupted the routine I had gotten into, but rest assured, I did water Chia Obama.  In spite of that, I continued to see no real progress.  By this point, I was frustrated and about ready to write off the experiment.

Day 8, Sunday January 10 – Rewater






Eureka!  I just saw sprouts.  The sprouts were unevenly distributed over Chia Obama, so I rotated the president for good measure.

Takeaways so far:

It’s certainly not to the point where I can call this a success, but it’s nice to get some positive feedback.  I’ll just keep doing what I’m doing and hopefully see more results.

I’ll give more updates as they seem relevant.

Thanks for reading!



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