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I Got A(nother) Tattoo

I have generally made my mother proud, except that one time…when I got a tattoo. My one reckless youthful indiscretion. And it left a mark…for life. Whoops! If you know me, but haven’t noticed it you’re not alone. It’s small and on my ankle, which isn’t in many peoples’ line of sight. It took my mom 3 weeks to notice the tattoo and by then it was too late. (Sorry mom!!!)

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Everyone Falls…Eventually

It’s been 1,111 0 days since Don’s last fall on a run.

That’s all I could think about as I was running home last Friday. trip hazardActually, I didn’t KNOW it had been 1,111 days since I last got nasty road rash during a run. It’s not like I was keeping count or anything. I just knew that it had been more than 3 years. Then I went all Rain Man and figured out that my previous fall was July 7, 2013 (confirmed in my Google calendar when I got home).

Unlike Rain Man, I couldn’t do the math correctly in my head while running home. Apparently 365+365+366 (that pesky leap year)+15 ≠ 1,000. Whatever… Continue reading Everyone Falls…Eventually


My Name is Don, I’m Unemployed and Live with My Parents

I'm Victoria! Hi!!
I’m Victoria! Hi!!

Life threw me a curveball last month. I was let go from a job I started 18 months earlier. I travelled almost 2,000 miles to Portland from Chicago to take what I thought was my dream job. Or at least my dream industry. I had been actively looking for ways to get into the sportswear industry for two years. I thought I finally got my foot in the door.

It seemed like a great opportunity. Sadly, it did not work the way I had hoped. I won’t bore you with the specifics except to say that I was a causalty of a leadership change. These things happen.

It sucks to have this situation forced upon me but there’s no point in dwelling on it. It’s better to put the situation in the rearview mirror and think more about what can come of this. Continue reading My Name is Don, I’m Unemployed and Live with My Parents


Reporting Out on the Gardening Habit

GARDENING-TOOL-facebookIt’s been a month since I started my gardening experiment. Actually the box said Chia Obama would grow full in 1-2 weeks, so perhaps I’m a little late in reporting this out. What can I say? I’m a slow learner.

At this point, I’m ready to call this experiment complete. The results were far from perfect (Chia Obama turned out more like Chia Doc Brown from Back to the Future), but the seeds did grow into something and I got $13 worth of entertainment value. As such, I consider it a success.

Here is what I learned: Continue reading Reporting Out on the Gardening Habit