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Guess Who’s Back!

Cue up the theme song from the Greatest American Hero (and George Constanza’s answering machine):

george-believe-it-or-notBelieve it not Don isn’t at home (with his parents)

Please leave a message at the beep

I’m not around (anymore) or I’d pick the phone

Where could I be?!?

HellOOOOO Chicago! I am back!

6+ months ago I shamelessly announced I was unemployed and living with my parents. It was bar none, the most attention grabbing blog post I’ve written to date. I’ll admit it was a little self-indulgent. Who am I kidding? It was a lot self-indulgent. Continue reading Guess Who’s Back!


Catching the Dragon: Getting My Writing Mojo Back

My writing over the last two months has been a struggle. I lost my mojo sometime in May and have been trying in vain to get it back. It’s like Chasing the Dragon, minus the heroin thing. chasing dragonMeanwhile the book I want to write is sitting on a shelf collecting dust and my blog posts have been uninspired (when I bother to publish anything , which is no longer the guarantee that it once was). Continue reading Catching the Dragon: Getting My Writing Mojo Back


Revisiting the Father’s Day Habit

I’m going back into the vault this week and bringing back and oldie but a goodie for Father’s Day.  It’s also a reminder to myself that I need to be back on track with that pesky book idea I had.

#1 DadFather’s Day made me think of what habits I have picked up from my father.  The habit that jumps out first is how to be responsible with my money. The conversation that had the biggest impact happened 6 months into my first real job. I just received my first pay raise. My dad suggested I increase my 401K contributions by the 5% increase in pay I was about to receive. He reasoned (correctly) that people spend whatever money is in their checking account. Continue reading Revisiting the Father’s Day Habit


Following Through: My Unsexy Strength

Interview QuestionI started interviewing last month. It’s why I didn’t publish a blog post for the last 2 weeks. Sorry to all 5 of you who may have noticed. Thanks for not saying anything that would make me feel guilty. Because I do feel guilty about missing blog posts. I’m committed to this blog and I take it seriously.

Getting back to interviewing, it’s not like riding a bike. It takes regular practice to be good at answering many of the questions an interviewer will throw at you. A common interview question is “What is your greatest strength?” Continue reading Following Through: My Unsexy Strength


Selling Without Selling: The Case for Trusting My Own Process

Used Car SalesmanHow do you ‘sell’ somebody? I have no idea, which is why I’m asking.

I don’t consider myself a salesman. When I think of selling an image of a sleazy used car salesman jumps to into my mind.

While I don’t consider myself a salesman, my sister Mary told me that I am very convincing… Continue reading Selling Without Selling: The Case for Trusting My Own Process