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Selling Without Selling: The Case for Trusting My Own Process

Used Car SalesmanHow do you ‘sell’ somebody? I have no idea, which is why I’m asking.

I don’t consider myself a salesman. When I think of selling an image of a sleazy used car salesman jumps to into my mind.

While I don’t consider myself a salesman, my sister Mary told me that I am very convincing… Continue reading Selling Without Selling: The Case for Trusting My Own Process


Who’s Taking My Money?!

Last week I shared that I’m writing a book to teach recent college graduates how to save money.

Yes, I know that makes me a nerd. What can I say? I find this topic interesting. Plus it’s important. Most people wished they started saving earlier in life. That might even include you. So help a brother out and spread the word.

One thing I definitely did not understand when I started working was how significant taxes are.  This topic is particularly timely right now since the IRS tax filing deadline is tomorrow.

It’s easy to find famous quotes on taxes like this one:

Ben Franklins“In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.
Benjamin Franklin

Sure it’s true, but Continue reading Who’s Taking My Money?!


What the Hell, I’ll Just Write a Book

50thThis is a milestone blog post for me. It is officially my 50th blog post. That’s a nice round number and I think that’s worth celebrating by shaking things up.

To that end, I’d like to announce that I’m doing something that is VERY different for me: I’m writing a book!!

I figure there’s no time like the present since I’m unemployed, and I have something to say (in book form, not blog form). Continue reading What the Hell, I’ll Just Write a Book