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Information Overload: When Less Information Is More

Sometimes there’s information I just don’t want to know. Like when I had streak of 111 consecutive days of meditating. Then I had 0 consecutive days. I knew about the streak because the Calm app kept track for me. The tracker made meditation a game. It motivated me to keep the streak going. Then I ‘forgot’ to meditate while visiting my older sister in Virginia, but in reality I was just lazy for a day. My head has been in a fog since then. Everything feels harder. I fidget more. It’s harder to get and stay asleep. Writing is a complete chore, more so than usual.

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I Got A(nother) Tattoo

I have generally made my mother proud, except that one time…when I got a tattoo. My one reckless youthful indiscretion. And it left a mark…for life. Whoops! If you know me, but haven’t noticed it you’re not alone. It’s small and on my ankle, which isn’t in many peoples’ line of sight. It took my mom 3 weeks to notice the tattoo and by then it was too late. (Sorry mom!!!)

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Guess Who’s Back!

Cue up the theme song from the Greatest American Hero (and George Constanza’s answering machine):

george-believe-it-or-notBelieve it not Don isn’t at home (with his parents)

Please leave a message at the beep

I’m not around (anymore) or I’d pick the phone

Where could I be?!?

HellOOOOO Chicago! I am back!

6+ months ago I shamelessly announced I was unemployed and living with my parents. It was bar none, the most attention grabbing blog post I’ve written to date. I’ll admit it was a little self-indulgent. Who am I kidding? It was a lot self-indulgent. Continue reading Guess Who’s Back!


When Back Up Plans Fail

I’ve advocated before for always having a back up plan, nyc-marathonbut the more I think about it that isn’t necessarily true. Having a back up plan can sometimes blows up in your face, not only once but twice.

Back in 2011 I decided to run not 1 but 2 marathons in a month, first the Chicago Marathon and then the New York City Marathon. Chicago was the ‘real’ race where I would try to run my fastest time ever (below 2:50:00) and NYC would be a running tour of the 5 Burroughs. Ideally, the latter would be more of a vacation than a race. (Yes, I’m one of those weirdos that has to be productive even on a vacation.)

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Sorry to Bother You, But…

I’m sorry to bother you, but people tell me I start conversations like this too often. It’s verbal filler that I over-rely upon. You know what I’m talking about…the “um”, “uh”, “like”, “I mean”, “basically” that people unconsciously use in public speaking and interviews. It’s a bad habit that I’m working on.

“I’m sorry, but…” didn’t start out as unconscious for me. I used it intentionally because I HATE being interrupted. Many times it’s an unwelcome distraction. In my mind, giving a pre-apology would smooth the transition. I wouldn’t come off as pushy because I showed empathy before I started. I understood I was interrupting the other person’s day, and I was trying to make it as minimally intrusive as I could. Continue reading Sorry to Bother You, But…