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A Primer on How Taxes Affect You – Part 1

Raise your hand if you think paying taxes sucks…yeah me too. Great! We’re in agreement. Why bother reading this? Taxes are simply an annoying and mysterious fact of life that we have to deal with, right? Well, the annoying part will never change but the mysterious part can. That’s why I’m writing this now.

I used to think taxes were an event forced upon me every April. Once I filed my income tax return I could forget about it for another year. Continue reading A Primer on How Taxes Affect You – Part 1


Oh, Hello Again: Since I’ve Been Gone

This is the first essay I’ve posted to Habit Engineering since last May. It’s embarrassing. 10 months, zero blog posts. That wasn’t my intention when I started in 2015. I planned to publish a 600ish word post every week. I accomplished that goal for a year. The next year my production was less consistent. I admitted this problem to myself going into 2017. I set a goal to published 15,000 words, which seemed attainable because I have complete control of the blog. That was my nerdy way of telling myself to be a productive writer who shares his work. But here I am with my blog dying on the vine.

Habit Engineering is about self-improvement through habits. Continue reading Oh, Hello Again: Since I’ve Been Gone


Information Overload: When Less Information Is More

Sometimes there’s information I just don’t want to know. Like when I had streak of 111 consecutive days of meditating. Then I had 0 consecutive days. I knew about the streak because the Calm app kept track for me. The tracker made meditation a game. It motivated me to keep the streak going. Then I ‘forgot’ to meditate while visiting my older sister in Virginia, but in reality I was just lazy for a day. My head has been in a fog since then. Everything feels harder. I fidget more. It’s harder to get and stay asleep. Writing is a complete chore, more so than usual.

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Don’s Kindle: June 2010-February 2017

Don’s Kindle passed away on February 11, 2017 after accidentally falling from a countertop. He was a trusted friend and advisor, best known for telling stories on personal development, decision making, business, economics, managing finances, and of course A Song of Ice and Fire. He was a reliable friend always at Don’s side be it trains, planes, or automobiles. He was known for his helpful nature allowing Don to read with one hand. He is survived by his father, Don, his siblings iPad and iPhone Kindle apps, and his child Kindle Paperwhite. Private services will be held later this month.

OK, in all seriousness, my Kindle was a workhorse for 7 years. Continue reading Don’s Kindle: June 2010-February 2017


Why Do I Eat So Fast? Debunking the Eating Gloves Myth

I have a reputation for eating fast. My friend Dustin concocted a story that when I was child I had to wear gloves when I ate so I would not accidentally bite one of my fingers. Dustin brings this up at the most embarrassing times. Unfortunately for me this ridiculous cock and bull story seems plausible. Dustin has convinced dozens of people that it might be true, even my younger sister. (WTF Ann?! Have a little faith in me.)

The eating glove myth started back in college. It had something to do with pizza. Continue reading Why Do I Eat So Fast? Debunking the Eating Gloves Myth