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A Primer on How Taxes Affect You – Part 1

Raise your hand if you think paying taxes sucks…yeah me too. Great! We’re in agreement. Why bother reading this? Taxes are simply an annoying and mysterious fact of life that we have to deal with, right? Well, the annoying part will never change but the mysterious part can. That’s why I’m writing this now.

I used to think taxes were an event forced upon me every April. Once I filed my income tax return I could forget about it for another year. Continue reading A Primer on How Taxes Affect You – Part 1


Guess Who’s Back!

Cue up the theme song from the Greatest American Hero (and George Constanza’s answering machine):

george-believe-it-or-notBelieve it not Don isn’t at home (with his parents)

Please leave a message at the beep

I’m not around (anymore) or I’d pick the phone

Where could I be?!?

HellOOOOO Chicago! I am back!

6+ months ago I shamelessly announced I was unemployed and living with my parents. It was bar none, the most attention grabbing blog post I’ve written to date. I’ll admit it was a little self-indulgent. Who am I kidding? It was a lot self-indulgent. Continue reading Guess Who’s Back!


Ignorance is Bliss

Whenever I’m offered a piece chocolate cake I politely turn it down, which leads to a casual inquisition why. There is always somebody around who finds in unfathomable that I would refuse a piece of delicious chocolate cake. What could be my excuse?! chocolate-cakeDon runs marathons constantly, so he can’t be on a diet or anything like that, right?

The Nosey Nancy is correct that I’m not on a diet. I just don’t like chocolate cake. The reason is I was allergic to chocolate as a child. The allergy went away as I grew older, so it’s not like I’ll break into hives if I eat a Hershey’s Kiss. Continue reading Ignorance is Bliss


The Limits of Persistence

I have a general policy to not answer my phone from numbers I don’t recognize. seinfeld telemarketerMy thoughts are if the person on the other line is calling about something important they will leave a message. Most of the calls I receive must not be important because I rarely get the voicemail notification, and even when I do get a message it’s usually the tail end of some stupid automated call. (Man those are annoying!)

So you can imagine my surprise when I heard “Yvette’s” voice on the other end of a message I received last week. Continue reading The Limits of Persistence


Revisiting Why to Make Your Bed

I’m struggling with a new topic writing now (SPOILER ALERT: It’s about giving and receiving advice). I haven’t fleshed out my thoughts enough to share them yet, but I don’t want to continue my bad habit of missing blog posts. maid-making-bed-hotel-room-5940350I also see this as an opportunity to apply my lesson learned last week to always having a back up plan. After writing that, I realized I have more than 50 blog posts. I have no excuse to miss a week because I can always revisit old material.

As such, I going back to well with one of my earliest post, Making the BedContinue reading Revisiting Why to Make Your Bed