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Why You Should Sell Your Car to Lose Weight

Can you imagine getting by without a car?

Most people cannot, but I definitely can because I haven’t owned a car for 7 years. People are always surprised when I tell them that, but also are usually awed by it. Owning a car represents freedom and has been a huge part of the American dream for generations. Why would I give up that freedom? It turns out freedom is really convenience. As with almost anything, convenience has its costs. These costs can be hard to find, particularly for car ownership.

bad_mechanic_with_partI first thought to sell my car in 2008 when I receiving a shockingly high maintenance bill. At the time I was living in Chicago and barely used my car. I didn’t need it to go to work, or meet out friends, or even to visit my parents on holidays. I could use the train for any of those. I drove my car to get groceries and run random errands about once a week. That’s it. So why was it costing $500 a year to repair a car I hardly used?! Continue reading Why You Should Sell Your Car to Lose Weight


The Sharing Habit – Sharing My Reading Highlights

I read a lot, and it is generally a solitary activity for me. I enjoy discussing interesting books, but I have yet to find a good book club that consistently reads books that I find interesting. Plus, I like to read on my own schedule. There’s something to be said about having that control.

Game of ThronesWhile I continue to search for the perfect book club, I frequently try to rope family and friends into discussing my favorite books by recommending them. This rarely works. (Except for A Game of Thrones. I’ve talked three girls into reading all 5,000 pages. I’m very proud of this trivial fact.) Continue reading The Sharing Habit – Sharing My Reading Highlights


The Reading Habit

booksYou may have noticed that I include what I’m currently reading in the right hand column of this blog and it changes pretty regularly. I have a reputation for reading lots of books. My coworker Dave teases me that I always have a book recommendation to follow up on a conversation we are having.

Other people have also observed that I read a lot of books. They ask how I’ve been able to do so. I assume that is because they too want to start reading (or simply read more).

It’s actually pretty simple to start reading, but like many things in life being simple doesn’t mean it’s easy. Continue reading The Reading Habit