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Goals for 2017

2016 didn’t go as planned for me. I make a list of goals every January to keep focused and grounded throughout the year. The 2016 goals got thrown out the window before the end of January. It wasn’t because I lacked the resolve to carry through; it was because many of the goals just weren’t applicable after I lost my job. My designated theme to simplify in 2016 didn’t seem to matter anymore. My focus shifted from simplifying to surviving.

It’s frustrating when things don’t go to plan. Continue reading Goals for 2017


When Back Up Plans Fail

I’ve advocated before for always having a back up plan, nyc-marathonbut the more I think about it that isn’t necessarily true. Having a back up plan can sometimes blows up in your face, not only once but twice.

Back in 2011 I decided to run not 1 but 2 marathons in a month, first the Chicago Marathon and then the New York City Marathon. Chicago was the ‘real’ race where I would try to run my fastest time ever (below 2:50:00) and NYC would be a running tour of the 5 Burroughs. Ideally, the latter would be more of a vacation than a race. (Yes, I’m one of those weirdos that has to be productive even on a vacation.)

Of course, it did not turn out that way. Things rarely go as perfectly as I plan. Continue reading When Back Up Plans Fail


Everyone Falls…Eventually

It’s been 1,111 0 days since Don’s last fall on a run.

That’s all I could think about as I was running home last Friday. trip hazardActually, I didn’t KNOW it had been 1,111 days since I last got nasty road rash during a run. It’s not like I was keeping count or anything. I just knew that it had been more than 3 years. Then I went all Rain Man and figured out that my previous fall was July 7, 2013 (confirmed in my Google calendar when I got home).

Unlike Rain Man, I couldn’t do the math correctly in my head while running home. Apparently 365+365+366 (that pesky leap year)+15 ≠ 1,000. Whatever… Continue reading Everyone Falls…Eventually


Learning From Failure: Always Have a Back Up Plan

Runner BonkWhat do you do when you fail? The trite answer is to learn from your mistake and apply your lessons in the future so that it doesn’t happen again. That’s easier said than done; especially when you’re in the middle of failing.

That’s what I was thinking about two weeks ago as I was standing in a McDonald’s parking lot soaked to the bone in my own sweat and waiting for my parents to come pick me up because I was too exhausted to run any more. This was the first time I can recall ever starting a run that I could not finish myself. Continue reading Learning From Failure: Always Have a Back Up Plan


A Run Down Memory Lane: How Responsibility Can Be Trained

Illinois_Marathon_LogoThe Illinois Marathon in Champaign was yesterday. That race is like a run down memory lane for me.

I’m sure that’s the true for all University of Illinois alumni. All of the races (marathon, halfmarathon, 5K, or 10K) go through campus and finish at Memorial Stadium. But the sentimental value of the race goes beyond campustown for me since I grew up in Champaign.

The marathon is particularly meaningful to me. It goes by places that are special but only to me. For example, both of my grandparents’ houses. (I’m 3rd generation townie, everyone is from Champaign.) Continue reading A Run Down Memory Lane: How Responsibility Can Be Trained