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Sorry to Bother You, But…

I’m sorry to bother you, but people tell me I start conversations like this too often. It’s verbal filler that I over-rely upon. You know what I’m talking about…the “um”, “uh”, “like”, “I mean”, “basically” that people unconsciously use in public speaking and interviews. It’s a bad habit that I’m working on.

“I’m sorry, but…” didn’t start out as unconscious for me. I used it intentionally because I HATE being interrupted. Many times it’s an unwelcome distraction. In my mind, giving a pre-apology would smooth the transition. I wouldn’t come off as pushy because I showed empathy before I started. I understood I was interrupting the other person’s day, and I was trying to make it as minimally intrusive as I could. Continue reading Sorry to Bother You, But…


Colin Powell Told Me to Take a Cold Shower: How to Build Mental Fortitude

How do you make a radish rose?
How do you make a radish rose?

Do you take hot showers? You’re probably thinking why even ask this question? Of course the answer is yes. Only sickos would take cold showers unless absolutely necessary.

I’ve enjoyed hot showers for most of my life. My process is simple. I never needed to take lessons on the proper way to shower like Cosmo Kramer. It goes like this: Continue reading Colin Powell Told Me to Take a Cold Shower: How to Build Mental Fortitude


Avoiding the Distraction Trap: Purposeful Mindlessness, 1 at a Time

Do you multi-task when you’re watching TV?

If you’re like me you’re probably flipping through 3 or more shows at once. All the while you’re also toggling between checking emails, Facebook, twitter, online newspapers, and text messages.

distractionsIt’s embarrassing to admit that I’ll typically have 3 or more distraction traps (TV remote, phone, tablet, and/or computer) within arms length reach at the same time. Each of them has two or more things open at once. When all of them are added up I can easily have 10+ mindless things going on at once. It’s no wonder that time seems to disappear when I turn on the TV.

I know the television is my distraction gateway drug Continue reading Avoiding the Distraction Trap: Purposeful Mindlessness, 1 at a Time


The Reading Habit

booksYou may have noticed that I include what I’m currently reading in the right hand column of this blog and it changes pretty regularly. I have a reputation for reading lots of books. My coworker Dave teases me that I always have a book recommendation to follow up on a conversation we are having.

Other people have also observed that I read a lot of books. They ask how I’ve been able to do so. I assume that is because they too want to start reading (or simply read more).

It’s actually pretty simple to start reading, but like many things in life being simple doesn’t mean it’s easy. Continue reading The Reading Habit