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Revisiting The Birthday Habit

I have been delinquent about posting regularly on my blog.  For shame…It’s not because I’m not writing, it’s because I am working on a piece I hope to be published for realz (aka externally).  Regardless, that’s a poor excuse to leave the blog dormant for a month.

My birthday is coming up so I think it’s a good time to revisit one of my favorite posts on wishing people happy birthday.  Over the past year, I’ve made an even more concerted effort to wish my friends well on their big day.   Continue reading Revisiting The Birthday Habit


The Real Reason to Floss

I went to the dentist for a teeth cleaning the other day. This was my first visit to this particular office so I had to get the full workup, including x-rays. flossingThe hygienist asked me about my flossing regimen while he set up the x-ray machine. The conversation went as follows (including my inner monologue):

Hygienist:     Do you floss?

Me:                  Yes. (‘duh!  Of course I floss.)

Hygienist:     How often?

Me:                  (What?! You don’t believe me?) Daily.

Hygienist:     (Skeptically) Really?

Me:                  (OK, now this guy is basically calling me a liar. I’ll show him!!) Yup. Every                                day. (A-hole!) Continue reading The Real Reason to Floss


Everyone Falls…Eventually

It’s been 1,111 0 days since Don’s last fall on a run.

That’s all I could think about as I was running home last Friday. trip hazardActually, I didn’t KNOW it had been 1,111 days since I last got nasty road rash during a run. It’s not like I was keeping count or anything. I just knew that it had been more than 3 years. Then I went all Rain Man and figured out that my previous fall was July 7, 2013 (confirmed in my Google calendar when I got home).

Unlike Rain Man, I couldn’t do the math correctly in my head while running home. Apparently 365+365+366 (that pesky leap year)+15 ≠ 1,000. Whatever… Continue reading Everyone Falls…Eventually


Revisiting Why to Make Your Bed

I’m struggling with a new topic writing now (SPOILER ALERT: It’s about giving and receiving advice). I haven’t fleshed out my thoughts enough to share them yet, but I don’t want to continue my bad habit of missing blog posts. maid-making-bed-hotel-room-5940350I also see this as an opportunity to apply my lesson learned last week to always having a back up plan. After writing that, I realized I have more than 50 blog posts. I have no excuse to miss a week because I can always revisit old material.

As such, I going back to well with one of my earliest post, Making the BedContinue reading Revisiting Why to Make Your Bed