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Make Your Own Games

I’ve mentioned here before that I’m a bit of a Type A personality. As such, I track lots of things in my life. What I eat, how I exercise, how I sleep, how much time I spend commuting to work, etc. Tracking something is a good way to establish a habit because you are what you measure, or rather you become what you measure.

But not everyone is as Type A as me. Continue reading Make Your Own Games


Waking from Subscription Slumber

Have you ever been duped into paying for subscription after you forgot to cancel the free trial? I hate when this happens to me and I recently got tricked again, this time it was by Roadrunner Sports.

A year earlier I had signed up for its VIP service when I bought a pair of running shoes. It made sense to do so because it cost less to purchase the pair with VIP than it would to buy the pair alone. I viewed it as a one-time transaction even though I knew Roadrunner thought differently and had all of the power. Continue reading Waking from Subscription Slumber


Renting a Habit – Making the Meditation Habit Stick

Don Draper MeditatingCan you rent a habit? And if so, should you rent a habit? I was thinking about this recently when I reflected on using a smart phone app to help me meditate. Prior to using an app, I had tried to meditate off and on for at least two years with fleeting success.

I turned to the app Headspace for help. Continue reading Renting a Habit – Making the Meditation Habit Stick