Ignorance is Bliss

Whenever I’m offered a piece chocolate cake I politely turn it down, which leads to a casual inquisition why. There is always somebody around who finds in unfathomable that I would refuse a piece of delicious chocolate cake. What could be my excuse?! chocolate-cakeDon runs marathons constantly, so he can’t be on a diet or anything like that, right?

The Nosey Nancy is correct that I’m not on a diet. I just don’t like chocolate cake. The reason is I was allergic to chocolate as a child. The allergy went away as I grew older, so it’s not like I’ll break into hives if I eat a Hershey’s Kiss. Continue reading Ignorance is Bliss


Sorry to Bother You, But…

I’m sorry to bother you, but people tell me I start conversations like this too often. It’s verbal filler that I over-rely upon. You know what I’m talking about…the “um”, “uh”, “like”, “I mean”, “basically” that people unconsciously use in public speaking and interviews. It’s a bad habit that I’m working on.

“I’m sorry, but…” didn’t start out as unconscious for me. I used it intentionally because I HATE being interrupted. Many times it’s an unwelcome distraction. In my mind, giving a pre-apology would smooth the transition. I wouldn’t come off as pushy because I showed empathy before I started. I understood I was interrupting the other person’s day, and I was trying to make it as minimally intrusive as I could. Continue reading Sorry to Bother You, But…


The Real Reason to Floss

I went to the dentist for a teeth cleaning the other day. This was my first visit to this particular office so I had to get the full workup, including x-rays. flossingThe hygienist asked me about my flossing regimen while he set up the x-ray machine. The conversation went as follows (including my inner monologue):

Hygienist:     Do you floss?

Me:                  Yes. (‘duh!  Of course I floss.)

Hygienist:     How often?

Me:                  (What?! You don’t believe me?) Daily.

Hygienist:     (Skeptically) Really?

Me:                  (OK, now this guy is basically calling me a liar. I’ll show him!!) Yup. Every                                day. (A-hole!) Continue reading The Real Reason to Floss


Everyone Falls…Eventually

It’s been 1,111 0 days since Don’s last fall on a run.

That’s all I could think about as I was running home last Friday. trip hazardActually, I didn’t KNOW it had been 1,111 days since I last got nasty road rash during a run. It’s not like I was keeping count or anything. I just knew that it had been more than 3 years. Then I went all Rain Man and figured out that my previous fall was July 7, 2013 (confirmed in my Google calendar when I got home).

Unlike Rain Man, I couldn’t do the math correctly in my head while running home. Apparently 365+365+366 (that pesky leap year)+15 ≠ 1,000. Whatever… Continue reading Everyone Falls…Eventually